Girl Scout Troop 149 meets weekly at St. James UMC.

Why is Scouting a Ministry of the Church?

  • Outreach

The ministry of Christ revolved around the profound concept of reaching out to others.

  • Evangelism

Statistics indicate that of all the youth who join scouting through the church, 25 percent are United Methodists, 25 percent are members of other denominations or faiths and 50 percent come from unchurched families. Therefore, Scouting is one potential entry point for persons to join the church, which then has the opportunity to introduce, nurture and strengthen a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Intergenerational

Scouting and civic youth ministry offers opportunities for older adults as well as youth to participate.

  • Coeducational

Some scouting programs exist for both girls and boys.

  • Mission

Many mission opportunities are made available through the five youth agencies.

  • PRAY Awards (formerly God and Country program)

The God and Country Series is an age-appropriate study series that focuses on discipleship, family, and service.

  • Develop Servant Leaders

Each youth organization had inherent “building blocks” that the local church can transform into effective ministry.

  • Intentionality

The scouting program can be an effective, intentional outreach ministry of the local church.

  • Make Disciples

Considering one or a combination of the previous reasons, a local church may develop a consistent list of prospects for the Lord. Nurturing children, teens, and families through outreach and evangelism and incorporating them into the life of the church may have tremendous, eternal results for the youth, their family and the Church.

Girl Scouts

About Troop 149

Troop Meetings

Troop 149 holds weekly meetings every Thursday night. We begin promptly at 6:00 p.m. and end at 7:00 p.m. Most meetings include an opening, followed by troop business, then activities, and closing. Many meetings are geared to earning badges and learning the Girl Scout Way. Although we do meet weekly, and since we started late in the year we know that the girls cannot make all meetings. Absences due to sports, school activities and family events are completely understood.