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Healing Guatemala

Feeding The Children & Families Of Guatemala

The main focus of Healing Guatemala is Quetzaltenango, which is located in the northwestern area of the country. According to the statistics of the Guatemalan government the population of the city is around 200,000, but Healing Guatemala will serve around a million people who live scattered around the city. The majority of these people live in mountainous area and they do not have political power. They do not know the official language of Guatemala, Spanish, which makes them isolated from the central government. Healing Guatemala brings hope to these people through educational, nutritional, financial, and spiritual resources.

How You Can Help Through St. James

Healing Guatemala is one of the missions that our annual pumpkin patch supports. When you purchase a pumpkin from our patch you are turning pumpkins into food and water.

Donate financially to Healing Guatemala so that they can empower communities, nourish lives, and respond to emergencies.