Get to know our pumpkins!


elf house (turbans)

Unique orangish red gourd. Mushroom-shaped.

Star gourds

Wide variation in color, unique star shape. Tangerine size.

winged gourds

Most are about 6"- 8" long. Some are straight necked and others curved. Wide variation in color.

Gizmo Gourds

A unique, brightly colored star-shaped gourd. Usually 3"- 5" tall and 6"- 8" wide.

swan gourds

Large and green. The long necks curve to resemble a swan's neck. Can be dried out for arts and crafts.


Orange, small flat pumpkins with deep ribs. Approx. 1/3 of a pound, tangerine size.

Perfect pumpkins

Orange, small round pumpkins with deep ribs. 1/2 - 3/4 of a pound, apple size.


Bright white pumpkin, with deep ribbing. Smaller than a snowball, 1/2 - 1 pound, softball size.


Bright white pumpkin, larger than snowflakes. 2-3 pounds, cantaloupe size.


2-3 pounds, orange and round shaped. Cantaloupe size.


These pumpkins will be priced based on their size. At the patch, you will find these all mixed in together. The type of pumpkin does not affect pricing. We just want to share with you the variety of pumpkins that can be found at our patch.


The classic orange, carving pumpkin. Very smooth, with shallow ribbing. Comes in all different sizes.

One too many

Pumpkins that are laced with reddish-colored veins. The pumpkins resemble a bloodshot eye. One Too Many can vary in color and shape, from round to flattened oblong shape. They make a great pie or can be used for carving or decoration.


The classic fairytale pumpkin looks like Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage. They stack well and have deep ribbing with bright orange-red skin. They also have moist flesh that is great for pies.

long island cheese

This East Coast heirloom is thought of as a great pie squash. The name comes from the similarity in shade and shape to a big wheel of cheese. The buff-colored skin reveals attractive, firm orange flesh. Great for pie and stores well.

Porcelain dolls

Light pink skin with deep orange sweet, dense flesh. Excellent for baking, pies.

warty goblin

A bumpy, orange-skinned blistered pumpkin ideal for Halloween decoration.

Golden hubbards

The Golden Hubbard Squash has a deep golden-yellow flesh with nubbly skin and Hubbard shape. It is probably the best eating quality squash, and the tastiest, of all the other Hubbards around! This variety produces sweet fruits packed with dry, fine-grained flesh.

red warty things

This intensely red-orange, bumpy-skinned fruit was developed by crossing a regular pumpkin with a red Hubbard squash.

Extremely thick and difficult to cut, but great for cooking.


Bright white, round pumpkins with only slight ribbing. These pumpkins are good for pies and baking.

Carvability: Better to leave alone or paint.

flat whites

A flat pumpkin that looks like it has been squashed under a truck! Wider than it is tall and has an asymmetrical shape. They keep for months in a cool, dark, dry place, have a very small seed cavity and dense, sweet flesh. The skin starts out bright white and turns slightly pink during storage. Great for cooking and making pies.


Despite its name, the skin of this pumpkin actually looks green, and it has a spooky vibe that lends it perfectly to a Halloween display. These pumpkins have a deep ribbing. It has a deep orange flesh that tastes good in pies and soups. This makes the best pumpkin pies!

Marina di Chioggia

Blistery, bubbled slate blue-green rind. Bumpy squashes make a wild yet subdued ornamental statement for fall.