Pumpkin Patch 2017

Pumpkin Patch 2017



With the dedication of so many at St. James UMC, we were able to reach the $30,000.00 milestone to qualify for our percentage of 40%. of total sales.

Pumpkin sales were $32,839.50. Donations were $471.00. Total profit to St. James UMC from the patch is $13,646.80. This is an increase of $1,284.28 over last year. This does not include money raised by the Dames, the UMW, the Youth, and the Children’s Council. All expenses were covered by donations from supporting members of St. James UMC.

The success of the patch is due to countless hours of work by many individuals.

Good job everyone and “Thank You”.

Vonda Thompson, Pumpkin Patch coordinator

See you next year in the patch.